30 Sep 25 Years of Marriage and a Whole Lot of Learning

In October of 2015 my husband KC and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. My life mentor and friend John C. Maxwell will say often that “Experience isn’t the best teacher; examined experience is.”  And that’s got me thinking of all of the wisdom we’ve extracted from living one life as two very different people, and how we’ve made it through the birthing (4) and adopting (2), and raising of our 6 kids in those years while we started, helped start, and built businesses along side, and sometimes smack in the middle of, raising our family. Much of what people write and ask me about pertains to building a business while building a thriving marriage, healthy kids, and a close-knit family culture. I am taking a new focused effort to blog and tweet and talk about the lessons I’ve learned to better serve you; my followers, and readers, and friends.

I welcome questions in these areas, and the topics related to a healthy marriage that lasts for life, based on my experiences in these 25 years. I want to share how we’ve raised, by the grace of God and very intentional behaviors and choices; our children to become strong, independent, caring, compassionate, relevant, faithful young adults. Our family is certainly not perfect, and we have made our fair share of mistakes along the way, but the one thing we’ve done well is love each other through it all. That’s what I want to share. My experience. OUR experience. The good and the growth moments. And I may even have some of the willing members of my family share their thoughts from time to time, for their perspective on topics for the fuller picture. I don’t intend to paint a Pollyanna picture, but one that’s real and our reality.

In a world that questions if marriage or lifelong monogamous marriage is outdated and no longer relevant; I want to share with you MY experience in hopes of inspiring you by showing that it CAN be done, it’s every bit as relevant as it’s ever been, and it’s oh so WORTH IT.

Won’t you join me as we invest in something so important – the fibers of what it takes to have the life we desire with the family we chose (marriage & children)?

TOGETHER…we can share our thoughts, stories, lives, and lessons, and by doing so; change the world…one family at a time! <3

Be relentless. In pursuit of excellence.





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