13 Sep Starting With My WHY…and Yours

When my friend Carl asked me to be a Founding Team Beachbody Coach, I said no. Four times. I liked helping people but I didn’t want them to think I was suddenly in it only for money.

But he kept asking. He told me I didn’t have to change a thing about myself or how I liked to help people. I could make it my own. And in the process provide additional income for my family of…soon-to-be-8…GULP…in Los Angeles.

I’m so glad he helped me push through my fears of suddenly being seen as a “salesy” person rather than a friend. Now, nearly 10 years later, building a home business has allowed me to stay home while I’ve raised my kids, and continuing to build friendships. Friends who became accountability partners, and then business partners.

We never changed who we are and WHY we help others. It has NEVER been about the money, but at the same time, with consistency and building trust and relationship, it’s provided for my family in ways I never dreamed possible.

And it still feels the same. This many years later and I’m still me, bringing new people onto my team who like me, really want and need to be healthy, and love to help other people go for it too.

Maybe you’ve heard of Beachbody Coaching but weren’t sure what it really was. And maybe you think you might be interested in considering joining my team.

I hosted a webinar and recorded it here.

Just log in, and you’ll hear me share my story, and the story of Beachbody. Who knows? You may find it to be something that, like me; is what you never knew you always wanted to be a part of. 😀


Be relentless. In pursuit of excellence.


*Team Beachbody and Traci Morrow cannot promise or guarantee any income or results. Each persons results, both fitness and financial, are up to the individual.

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