25 Apr Mother of the Bride (“MOB”) and Bride-To-Be: Hosting a Mother of the Bride/Bride Exclusive Fitness Accountability Group!

My first child to get married is getting married on June 26, 2017! KC and I could not be happier!

He is a wonderful man, and we are very confident in their pairing as we’ve talked with them at length. <3  As the wedding approaches, my bride-to-be daughter has lost 15 lbs in the last four months just by making consistently healthy eating choices, working out for 30 minutes a day, and drinking her Shakeology daily. It sounds like an ad, because she used products and they WORKED. 🙂

Now, as we approach the 2 month mark to her wedding date, we are getting a group of people together to do an exclusive workout regiment: one that I’ve picked and one that Holli picked. Our favorites. Mine come from all over the Beachbody library, which is fortunate, because the whole library is ON SALE right now. For a year. Yep. A year. Think Netflix for fitness. 🙂 Holli’s is one program. In its entirety. 30 minutes a day. But I don’t want to give it away. 🙂

If YOU would like to join us, we start on Monday May 1st! Email us (hit CONTACT button up top) and we’ll add you to our group, help you get set up to access the workouts (and shakes if you want them) and JOIN THE (wedding) PARTY! 🙂

Excited to experience this with you! 🙂

Live YOUR great lifestory!


hols and mom

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